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Materials Research and Failure Analysis

Each material reacts to the environment, is subject to aging and thus changes its properties. Sometimes it may even seem to have a life of its own and becomes completely unpredictable when exposed to improper handling. The effects of such changes may range from a small bit of rust to material failure, or a small cosmetic flaw to the total break down of a complete system. Knowing how to avoid this from the beginning is the aim of applied materials research. Finding out what the cause was in case of failure is another aim of this field. At the WITg – Institute for Materials System Technology Thurgau we work on both aspects to the highest level of quality.


We are supported by the Thurgau Foundation for Science and Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. We have professional laboratories and a scientific network in the background. With these combined resources, we are able to work efficiently and flexibly as a small unit and thus produce individual, fast and cost-efficient results. We understand that time is a decisive factor in product and production planning. The same applies to failure analysis, and with its detective-like components it is certainly one of our strongest skills. Please take a look at our capabilities or ask us directly at: Contact.